The adMarketplace Search Network

For years, users navigated the Internet largely through a single search engine from their desktop computer. This simple system allowed user intent to be easily identified and advertised against. Today, user intent is fracturing across many traffic sources, devices, and operating systems - creating complexities for businesses seeking to reach their audience. In order to win in this multi-screen, varied-intent digital world, search marketers must be able to price each advertising opportunity individually.

adMarketplace connects Internet users to the products and services they're interested in. We partner with publishers and advertisers to identify and market against user intent. The world's largest brands and advertising agencies trust adMarketplace to supply quality traffic with the highest potential for conversions. The Internet's most innovative publishers depend on us to provide their audience a superior user experience by delivering relevant advertisements with minimal latency.

The adMarketplace Network solves the complexities facing both advertisers and publishers in search network advertising.

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