Building a Tier 1 Search Advertising Network

To best serve the end user and deliver value to our advertisers and publishers, adMarketplace remains innovative in our technology platform and business practices.

Technology Platform

Complete Traffic Source Control

Advertiser 3D, adMarketplace's proprietary search advertising platform, is the only bidding platform where advertisers can optimize by keyword, traffic source, device type and operating system. With transparent traffic source control, advertisers can adjust bids for individual publishers based on their own performance data. Advertisers can also cap and pause traffic sources to limit traffic from under-performing sources.

Innovative Publisher Integration

We continuously integrate innovative publishers into the adMarketplace network to capture user intent as it fractures away from the major search engines. With a system built specifically for search network advertising, we are committed to delivering quality traffic from a variety of publishers.

Additionally, adMarketplace's transparent user interface provides our publisher partners with unparalleled insight into the traffic quality that they are sending. Our publishers take advantage of real-time reporting and a robust advertiser base to deliver a greater user experience with relevant ad coverage.

Proprietary Click Filters

Typically, click traffic is generated by users interested in a particular ad served to them while browsing the web. However, there exists a small portion of total search traffic across the web that is derived from bad actors. To combat this, adMarketplace has designed over 60 proprietary click filters to analyze every click in real-time. If a click is suspicious, the user is sent to a verification page. Should a click be deemed invalid the advertiser is not charged.


Direct Relationships

adMarketplace is built on direct, mutually beneficial relationships with advertisers and publisher partners. Our Business Development team works hand in hand with our publisher partners to identify opportunities and implement effective yield strategies.

At adMarketplace, ‘partner’ is not just a word, it’s our business model.

With direct relationships, adMarketplace helps connect advertisers and publishers effectively. Publishers enjoy a deep pool of relevant advertisements from big brand names and small businesses across many industries. Advertisers take advantage of high performing traffic from a network of vertical specific and high-volume web properties that they cannot access from large search engines.

User Intent Outside the Search Engines

Focused exclusively on search network advertising, adMarketplace is always integrating new sources of user intent into our system by partnering with innovative publishers. Whether a user is searching on a new toolbar, a mobile application, a DNS lookup, a browser, an ISP, through direct navigation, or the technology of tomorrow, adMarketplace will be there to answer their query.

All publishers go through an exhaustive onboarding process before they are included in the adMarketplace Search Network. The publisher’s queries, clicks, and other key metrics are evaluated for performance during this time. Advertisers are not billed for any clicks derived from a publisher during its onboarding process.

The adMarketplace Compliance Team

Our compliance team actively monitors all traffic in the adMarketplace network for suspicious behavior and trends. They also handle all incoming inquiries related to traffic quality.

Eliminating suspicious traffic from the adMarketplace network is at the core of value we create for advertisers and publisher partners. Due to the high levels of demand for authentic, performing traffic, publishers that eliminate invalid traffic stand to increase their yield significantly.