Maintaining a Quality Network

adMarketplace partners with the world's largest brands, advertising agencies, and publishers to create a better user experience across the Internet. Advertisers trust us to provide high quality, performing traffic from safe, brand-friendly publisher partners. Publishers trust us to respond to user queries with relevant advertisements, and to supply transparent insight into their click traffic performance.

Like any fast-growing industry, search syndication has attracted its share of bad actors. Some publishers may engage in criminal actions such as click fraud. Some advertisers might attempt to promote bad content such as guaranteed offers, pop-up ads, adult listings, or other variables that do not meet the standards of our network.

To maintain the integrity of our network, we have implemented a series of proactive and responsive initiatives.


We designed adMarketplace's traffic quality assurance process to help advertisers and publishers alike. By eliminating invalid traffic through our click filter system and compliance teams, advertisers can capture interested visitors with the greatest chance of converting. This builds trust and credibility in the adMarketplace Search Advertising Network.

With the adMarketplace click filter system, each click is sent through a series of filters to determine the extent of user intent. Should a click fail to pass a filter it is deemed invalid, sent to a verification page, and the advertiser is not charged. Our detailed reporting allow publishers to pinpoint the source of invalid traffic. The publishers must then remove the sources of invalid traffic, or be removed from the adMarketplace network.


To protect our advertisers, adMarketplace has a dedicated traffic compliance team to investigate all matters of traffic quality.

The adMarketplace Compliance Team continues to identify new trends with internal data. Any activity found to be questionable or out of the norm is investigated further with urgency. adMarketplace insists on transparent relationships with all publishing partners. This allows adMarketplace to identify and remove any sources of suspicious traffic. It is in the publisher partners’ best interest to remove sources of invalid traffic, as competition for authentic traffic can generate high yields.