Netflix | Streaming Media

In 2013, Netflix partnered with adMarketplace to grow high quality new customers. As a well-known brand with 30 million paid subscribers, Netflix was looking to expand their reach outside of Google for their search advertising portfolio. With adMarketplace, Netflix bid strategically across multiple device types to capture interested users searching on non-branded terms for immediate access to their favorite shows and movies.

The Results

Mobile and Tablet conversions grew by
36% month over month on average.

adMarketplace delivered new memberships with the same lifetime value as Google AdWords.

adMarketplace delivered high quality new customers to Netflix across multiple device types and at an efficient CPA. With the ability to bid by traffic source, keyword, and device type, adMarketplace enabled Netflix to generate memberships from users searching on non-branded terms from any device.

Total Conversions

adMarketplace achieved equal
CPA across all device types.

Heartbeat Ideas | Pharmaceutical

The Approach

Increased costs and competition for keywords on major search engines drove Heartbeat Ideas to explore new sources of premium traffic for their client.

In May of 2012, Heartbeat Ideas partnered with adMarketplace to increase the number of qualified visits to their client's web page while maintaining a low cost-per-action. They tasked adMarketplace with driving unique visitors with a bounce rate of less than 60%.

The Results

By optimizing spend toward performing sources, adMarketplace drove unique visitors with a bounce rate lower than the 60% target. adMarketplace also proved more efficient than the major search engines–while Google delivered near $8 per visitor, adMarketplace delivered visitors for less than $3.50.

HeartBeat Ideas

Headquartered in New York City, Heartbeat Ideas is a privately held, natively digital, full service agency grounded in technology-enabled strategy and recognized for break through creative.

Rooted in digital from day one, Heartbeat Ideas finds needles of meaning in haystacks of data, applies unusual thoughtfulness to complex business challenges, and conceives actionable ideas that succeed across all media. Digital and beyond.

Mazda | Automotive

The Approach

In September 2012, Garage Team Mazda partnered with adMarketplace to increase user engagement and lead generation via search syndication. Mazda tracked adMarketplace's performance using five KPIs: request a quote, locate closest dealer, search inventory, build your Mazda, and compare vehicles. To reach Mazda’s campaign goals on both a national and local level, adMarketplace analysts optimized each KPI separately and determined that each geographic region behaves differently. After gathering sufficient, actionable performance data for each local campaign, analysts focused spending on top-performing traffic sources for each geographic region.

The Results

Mazda finds performance at scale outside of Google adMarketplace increased leads for Mazda by 38 percent at a lower cost per Key Performance Indicator (KPI) than Google’s Search Partner Network.

Volvo | Automotive

The Approach

In July 2011, Media Contacts partnered with adMarketplace to extend Volvo's search presence beyond the major engines. The goal was to drive increased on-site engagement, as measured by five key performance indicators using alternative search traffic sources.

adMarketplace took a three-phase approach to optimizing delivery. During the first two weeks of the campaign, adMarketplace collected actionable performance data across traffic sources that had historically performed well within the automotive vertical. Then, based on data collected, adMarketplace's Search Marketing Analysts aggressively optimized these sources, along with top performing keywords to achieve the performance goals set for each engagement. In the final phase, Analysts scaled the campaign across the best sources and keywords.

The Results

adMarketplace outperformed the partner network of a major search engine on 4 out of 5 performance metrics.

 adMarketplace continued to show improved performance and decreased our cost per KPI based on optimizations they had made to the campaign.
— Tanya Sabharwal, Search Marketing Specialist, Media Contacts

 It's a good way to get a lot of reach and it's efficient price-wise.
— Jim Grates, SEM Supervisor, Media Contacts

ADT - Mindshare | Lead Generation

The Opportunity
 The marketplace is becoming more and more competitive in search. As more advertisers onboard and participate in search, we have to find new ways to reach consumers when they're ready to take action. In order for ADT to continue to grow our business, we have to continue to test and find new sources of qualified leads to drive our business forward.
— Frank Rivera, Digital Director of Marketing, ADT

The Approach

With the goal of driving increased lead volume at an efficient CPL for ADT, Mindshare launched 30-day test campaigns with four vendors: adMarketplace, a social vendor, a search retargeting vendor, and a search engine. adMarketplace ran campaigns for ADT's residential line of business, using top brand terms and top-performing general terms. During the first two weeks of the campaign, adMarketplace's Search Marketing Analysts monitored daily performance by identifying the highest performing traffic sources, top-converting keywords, and the most efficient bid prices. After evaluating a large enough sample size of data, adMarketplace aggressively optimized the campaigns to ensure that ADT would achieve its performance goals by the end of the 30-day period.

The Result
 adMarketplace has been a great new partner in driving additional incremental leads, and proved to be the only vendor tested to drive leads at an efficient CPL.
— Frank Rivera, Digital Director of Marketing, ADT

 We tested adMarketplace against other digital direct response vehicles and were very happy with the results. adMarketplace outperformed strong direct performance marketing vehicles such as display search retargeting, a search engine, and a direct-response social media platform.
— Danny Huynh, Senior Partner Group Director, Mindshare | Consumer Credit

The Opportunity

In tough economic times, it is difficult for credit card providers to source qualified applicants for new cards. While it is easier to drive overall application volume, lead quality is muddied by the increased percentage of unqualified applicants. Unqualified applications make it difficult for credit card issuers to effectively optimize search marketing campaigns, which reduces their ROI.

Credit card issuers know that not all application-based conversions are created equal. While a strong initial conversion rate can appear profitable, true ROI metrics can only be determined once the applicant qualifies. Therefore, adMarketplace worked closely with to understand which of its traffic sources generated leads from qualified applicants.

The Approach

In late 2010, partnered with adMarketplace to drive more credit card applications. During the initial testing period, the adMarketplace account management team was able to drive application costs below the client's goal, but the high number of unqualified applicants reduced profitability.

adMarketplace shifted its priority towards optimizing against post-application performance data — which agreed to provide. This detailed analysis of qualified application metrics allowed adMarketplace to determine an accurate ROI for traffic sources within adMarketplace's network and optimize accordingly.

The Results

True "post-conversion" performance data dramatically improved's profitability and its capacity to scale. adMarketplace was able to grow its profitability more than 400% from previous levels while increasing its lead volume by 600%.

 This is perhaps the biggest improvement in any of our accounts I have ever seen. I expect adMarketplace to remain our top non-Google/Yahoo traffic source.
— Tracy Moon, SEM Manager,

Heart Disease Medication | Pharmaceutical

The Opportunity

The need for major pharmaceutical companies to advertise online has increased in the US in recent years, as tech-savvy health care consumers seek medical information on the Internet. MediaVest represented one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the US, and the success of their campaigns was measured by specific performance metrics generated by actions taken by site visitors. The primary goal was to drive qualified users to engage with the site to expand the drug's reach, and MediaVest needed to find new sources of high-performance traffic beyond the major search engines to achieve the advertiser's goals.

The Approach

In November 2010, MediaVest partnered with adMarketplace to extend its campaign reach beyond the major search engines and drive more qualified users to the site. adMarketplace provided MediaVest with a dedicated Search Marketing Analyst to onboard the client onto the platform, while delivering customized performance reports to MediaVest.

The Results

During the first two weeks of the campaign, adMarketplace aggressively optimized against performance feedback. By the end of the one-month campaign, adMarketplace had delivered a Cost Per Lead Indicator that was better than the client's target goal. The client saw greater ROI and scale by spending its incremental budget with adMarketplace instead of with the major search engines. The campaigns continued through the end of the year and scaled exponentially.

By providing the client with an additional source of traffic beyond Google and Yahoo, adMarketplace helped MediaVest beat the client's goals, while growing qualified, engaged traffic to the client's site, and awareness of the product offering. adMarketplace was able to achieve a better cost per conversion of $0.47 less than the major search engines combined. The managed services provided by adMarketplace took much of the workload off of MediaVest's plate, allowing MediaVest to focus its efforts on strategy and other initiatives. adMarketplace has become an integral part of the client's online marketing plan, and continues to extend the client's reach beyond major search.

 When rolling out a search campaign with a new partner, we focus on both brand protection and performance - the team at adMarketplace worked hard to understand our client's needs, helping us to achieve our goals by delivering clean, qualified traffic while maintaining brand integrity. I would recommend adMarketplace to any client looking to grow their business through search, as it has proven to be a complement to the major search engines.
— Michelle Zung, Associate Director Search, MediaVest

Ootem | Online Dating

The Brief

Online dating has exploded in the US in recent years, and the space has become increasingly competitive with more dating conversions as a result. Ootem Advertising represented one of the largest sites in the US, and the success of the campaign was measured by driving monthly subscriptions at a profitable cost. Ootem needed to find high-performance traffic to achieve the advertiser's goals.

The Approach

As Return On Ad Spend on Tier 1 search began to fall below the advertiser's goals, Ootem searched for new partners to help boost campaign performance. In February 2010, Ootem partnered with adMarketplace to extend its SEM reach and drive more paid subscriptions for the dating site. The Keyword targeted campaign was an extension of Ootem Tier 1 Search initiatives and implementation was fast and easy. adMarketplace provided Ootem with managed services for the campaign, assigning a dedicated Search Marketing Analyst to the account. The Analyst was able to load the client's campaign onto the adMarketplace platform in minutes and deliver regular performance reports to Ootem. adMarketplace ran the ads on various sources of its network, while optimizing on the keyword and source level.

The Results

During the first few weeks of the campaign, aggressive optimizations were executed by adMarketplace, and performance immediately improved. By the end of the one-month campaign, adMarketplace had delivered Cost Per Subscription results that were better than the client's target goal. The client saw greater ROI and scale by spending its incremental budget on adMarketplace's network instead of with the Tier 1 engines. The campaign was renewed throughout the year and continued to scale.

The Meaning

By providing the client with an additional source of traffic beyond Google, Yahoo, and Bing, Ootem was able to beat the client's goals, while growing the client's subscriber base. The managed services provided by adMarketplace took the workload off Ootem's plate, allowing Ootem to focus on client strategy. adMarketplace has become an integral part of the client's online marketing plan, and continues to perform at the level of Tier 1 Search.

 adMarketplace plays an integral role in many of our clients' online marketing strategies. Over the past year we have recommended and utilized adMarketplace with many of our largest clients, and we were not disappointed. adMarketplace delivered above and beyond our expectations, and solidified their network as one of our top performers. Additionally, the team has enjoyed the leadership provided by the adMarketplace Account Team.
— Jason Kelley, Principal & Founder, Ootem Advertising