Life at adMarketplace

Lonnie Klein: Life at adMarketplace

Mayla Wang
December 11, 2019

The importance of a strong company culture has never been more apparent, which is why adMarketplace has invested in developing and maintaining a positive work environment for its employees. We sat down with VP, Talent Acquisition, Lonnie Klein to talk about the qualities that have earned adMarketplace the distinction of one of Crain’s Best Places to Work in NYC.

Q. What efforts have you and the team made to create a culture that fosters inclusivity, collaboration, and a positive environment?

Lonnie: First of all, it is a team effort – starting with our senior leadership. From the top down, we have a collective goal to make adMarketplace one of the best places to work, which has allowed us to invest in our people, their growth, and well-being. The culture at adMarketplace is one of inclusivity, where each team member’s ideas and voice matters. This is critical in creating a collaborative environment where people feel safe and can grow in their career. This is a place where people have a true impact on our business – where individuals are encouraged to innovate, be creative, and ultimately succeed. Additionally, we have worked very hard as a company to set clear goals, expectations, and outline responsibilities for each team member. This is super important so that everyone is aligned and as productive as possible. Our recent Crain’s Best Places to Work award is validation that all of our efforts on the culture front are paying off. While this is a terrific milestone, we are still working every day to listen to our employees and make sure each individual feels valued and has their opinions heard.

Q. How does the adMarketplace culture influence the recruiting, hiring, and retention practices?

Lonnie: Over the past year, we have enhanced our onboarding and training, wellness initiatives, catered lunches, team outings, continued learning, employee recognitions, and so much more. It is critical to make sure our employees are excited to come to work every day. As a result of building a strong and positive culture, we have had our best year yet in terms of quality of hires, retention, and growth throughout the company. We hire to culture first, skills second. Hiring to our company values of trust, commitment, accountability and results is key when evaluating talent. We know that every new individual has an important role in defining and evolving our culture. Therefore, we have put a great deal of thought into our interview process to allow the candidates to get to know us and to make sure it’s a mutual fit.

Q. What are you most excited for as you look towards 2020?

Lonnie: 2020 is expected to be the biggest year yet for adMarketplace. We are on the cusp of something huge, we’re disrupting the search marketplace every day. We certainly couldn’t do it without our phenomenal product but more importantly, our people. Our people is what makes adMarketplace a success. We are eager to build on the successes of 2019, and will continue to identify innovative ways to enhance the experience for our employees. As our team continues to grow in 2020, so will our efforts to maintain and build on the positive culture we have worked hard to establish at adMarketplace.

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