Life at adMarketplace

Shay Petty: Life at adMarketplace

Mayla Wang
July 1, 2021

After moving from Texas to the Big Apple, Shay Petty joined adMarketplace as an intern while earning her Master’s Degree from NYU. Fast forward two years - Shay has completed her degree and is an Enterprise Manager on the Client Services team! We checked in with her to learn more about her inspiring journey here at adMarketplace:

1. What brought you to adMarketplace?

I was seeking an opportunity to work alongside my program at NYU within marketing and advertising. I attended a career fair associated with my school and met Lisette DeMonda, a Talent Acquisition Manager at adMarketplace. She was super approachable and I instantly felt comfortable talking to her. I then went in for interviews with the rest of the team and accepted an Intern position. The people, the potential to grow within the company, and the intellectual stimulation that the work has provided me are just a few reasons why I kept coming back! I interned for two semesters which gradually transitioned into part-time employment. Once I graduated, I accepted the full-time offer to work as an Enterprise Manager.

2. How was your transition from Intern to full-time?

My experience as an intern prepared me for my full-time role. I had the bandwidth to dip my toes into anything that I found interesting and had the wonderful opportunity to work with several Senior Enterprise Managers. I got to see the different ways in which they managed their respective books of business across telecommunications, eCommerce, retail, auto etc. The internship was a fun, unique, and well-rounded learning experience. I can now bring all these insights into how I manage my own book of business. Of course, the full-time role comes with more responsibilities and the internship has empowered me to approach them head on. The transition is still happening, it’s new and fresh. A big part of my role is now focusing on strategies to scale our accounts internationally, specifically within EMEA. I am pumped to be part of that growth.

3. We heard you’re a Track Star! How have the skills you developed as an athlete helped you within your role?

Competing on the University of Texas Track Team was one of the best experiences I have had in life. I was honored and privileged to be a part of several championships, national and at the Big 12 level. My teammates are some of my closest friends today. There is a certain type of drive and determination that comes with being an athlete. This innate competitiveness has transferred to a steadfast work ethic that I bring to work everyday. One of adMarketplace’s core values is competitiveness. You need to have stamina to perform at a high-level in this fast-paced and ever-evolving environment. I see the same focus and determination I brought to athletics within myself as well as my coworkers. They are my teammates and we are all putting in the work and dedication to win.

4. What advice would you give new employees?

Ask questions and get involved! Don’t be afraid to challenge things and ask for more. I learned that early on from a lot of the Enterprise Managers. I really felt like I was a part of the team and not someone who does coffee runs. Even as an intern, I was digging into the data, working on decks, and going to client calls. So, remember to try something new, bring ideas to your manager, and seek feedback so you can continuously improve! It really helps you gain perspective on how you can approach challenges and opportunities in different ways. This type of approach to your role allows for creative strategic thinking outside of the status quo and unlimited growth potential.

5. Now that New York is opening up again, what are you most excited about doing this summer?

I’ve been in lockdown or taking classes for most of my time in New York, so I haven’t really had the chance to experience the city in full bloom. I just graduated in May and with the restrictions lifting, I am excited to explore and enjoy the city without schoolwork. I am looking forward to taking advantage of the Summer weather and spending more time outdoors.