Invest Where Your Customers Are Searching

More users rely on on-site and in-app searches to find products and information. These searches capture user intent outside of search engines. adMarketplace helps performance advertisers reach potential customers to drive better ad spend performance.


Trusted Ad Placement
Your ads appear in search results throughout our network of on-site and in-app publishers

The Right Pricing
Our BidSmart pricing engine predicts conversion rate across performance signals to optimize your bids.

Our account services team analyzes your data to deliver insights that can improve your ROI.


Broaden Your Search:
Reach Customers Outside the Engines

Search Box: Results Pages

Your customers are searching on sites and in apps, not just on search engines. adMarketplace powers search result pages for websites and apps across a wide range of verticals outside engines.

Search Box: Auto-Complete

Why wait for the results page? We can show customers your offer where they type in keywords in the search box.

Omnibox: Auto-Correct

Almost all browsers feature an omnibox where users enter search terms and URL strings. We work with ISPs and DNS-owners to auto-correct user mistypes so they can navigate to your site without friction.

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Impactful Insights from Advertiser 3D Analytics Suite

Effective performance depends on quality data. Our Advertiser 3D analytics dashboard offers detailed information on how your offers perform, optimizes bids & spend based on your goals, and generates reports with a single click.

Detailed analytics on every aspect of your campaign, with pivoting views to gain performance insight across dimensions.

Apps provide snapshot information such as performance by geolocation to give you quick access to important data.

Instant reports in multiple format for printing or more in-depth review.


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