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On-site and in-app search should be profitable and user friendly. Users can find what they are looking for, and publishers enjoy the high yields search advertising offers. Let us show you how Google publishers earn more when they include a customized search monetization solution from adMarketplace.

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Better User Experience
We provide flexible ad publishing without heavy development work that serves even when users block annoying ads from 3rd party ad servers.

Customized Search Monetization
We give publishers total control — we provide offers from top brands and CPCs in an XML package you publish on your site.

Driven By Data
Our Publisher 3D dashboard shows you statistics on revenue, traffic quality, and advertiser coverage so that you can improve yield.

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Publisher 3D: Power to the Publisher

Our Publisher 3D dashboard gives you insight into your users that you won't find on Google or any other publisher analytics suite — revenue, traffic quality, query terms, invalid clicks, geographic data and more. Transparency and accessibility - that's why it's the platform of choice.

Data finalized next day. Don't wait days for revenue numbers.

Invalid click app provides you insight into missed opportunities.

View data any way you want. Revenue, traffic, keywords, and geolocation data can be grouped the way you need to see it to make good decisions.

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