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Search delivers the best results to performance advertisers. When buying keyword-targeted intent traffic across diverse traffic sources it is difficult to determine the right price to pay for each click. Add in other factors that impact performance like user device, time of day, location of user, and the task is impossible.

adMarketplace solved this problem by building Advertiser 3D and BidSmart. Our mission is to pay search publishers high yields for their best performing traffic - while ensuring that our advertisers achieve their ROI or CPA goals. And unlike the search engines, who have taken controls and data away from advertisers and publishers, we share performance and yield data through a transparent interface so that our partners can find insights from mind-numbingly detailed reporting.


The Only End-to-End Search Marketplace Outside Google

Unique Data Signals
We capture, analyze and act on performance signals for our advertisers. Our proprietary analytics suite means we do not buy or use 3rd party data.

Proprietary Platform
Our platform is custom-built in NYC to capture and analyze data as well as match, price and deliver ads.

Robust Engine
We operate multiple datacenters with complete redundancy to provide the fastest and most reliable ad delivery available.

BidSmart: Price to Perform

There is an optimal price for every click. BidSmart analyzes advertiser performance data to predict the bid that will win the impression, and drive a profitable conversion for the advertiser, while earning the highest yield for the publisher.

To do this, BidSmart looks across performance signals from its advertiser and publisher data. Analyzing the traffic source's performance in the advertiser's vertical, the relevance of the advertiser offers to the customer's intent, as well as other relevant factors such as user information like device type, operating system, geolocation, daypart provides the best predicted bid across a diverse landscape.

Speed, Scalability & Reliability

We operate with fully redundant data centers around the world for near perfect uptime and availability.

If data is the key to gaining insight and making an impact, then you need the assurance that your data will be available no matter what.

TAG Registered

TAG: Trustworthy Accountability Group Registered

adMarketplace is proud to be one of the first 100 companies approved for the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) registry. TAG is an advertising industry initiative designed to recognize transparent advertising companies dedicated to preventing ad fraud. For more information, click here.


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