A Spotlight on Embracing the Spirit of Curiosity

Mayla Wang
June 1, 2023
"I started my career focusing on unraveling the mechanics of “how” things were done. However, since joining the Measurement Team, ‘how’ took a backseat and suddenly, ‘why’ took center stage. The question became: why do we do what we do?"

Let’s get acquainted with Eric Overgaard, our Measurement Manager! From starting on the Data & Operations Team in 2021 to joining our Measurement Team, Eric has gone above and beyond in elevating the standard of quality and accuracy of the data we own. As a tireless advocate for precise measurement, both within the organization and AMP’s Beach Volleyball League, his passion remains unwavering as they go strong into their fifth season! With a steadfast commitment for improvement, one thing is for certain: he is relentlessly curious and is not afraid to ask questions to refine our methods and better quantify the value we bring to our partners.

Tell us about your career journey so far and what drew you to grow here at adMarketplace.

Prior to adMarketplace, I was with Kylxx as a Growth Analyst. What drew me to join adMarketplace was the opportunity to help companies reimagine their product, services, and market positioning. With my diverse education and experience in growth marketing, marketing analytics, and engineering, I work directly with presidents to generate triple-digit growth. I can see a sustainable future where I am given the tools to amplify my growth-centric mindset and character.

How has your curiosity fueled your success at adMarketplace?

I started my career focusing on unraveling the mechanics of “how” things were done. My focus was primarily on understanding how to perform tasks effectively. However, since joining the Measurement Team, ‘how’ took a backseat and suddenly, ‘why’ took center stage. The question became: why do we do what we do? The shift in my perspective has allowed me to dive deeper into the underlying motivations and purposes behind our actions, embracing a more critical and analytical approach, constantly evaluating the effectiveness of our processes.

Curiosity has become an integral part of my professional journey and necessary in contributing to a culture of continuous innovation and progress!

What does your typical day on the Measurement team look like?

Our team is entrusted with accurately valuing media across our advertisers and publishers. We take on the crucial role of directly consulting with clients to consistently deliver value and drive meaningful outcomes for our partners.  By closely collaborating with our partners, we are able to provide guidance and strategic recommendations tailored to their goals.

As my team focuses on turning data into stories, my day always starts with a large cup of coffee. In fact, when team members come to us with questions, I sometimes ask if they’ve had coffee since we will talk mostly about data! We have a habit of getting coffee after lunch (I am trying to advocate for bubble tea as an alternative).

What is your favorite thing about the team here?

There’s always a place at adMarketplace to make a big impact and to help improve things. I think that ability to create change coupled with the motivation to continuously improve the company fuels me every day.

What are some things you’ve learned here?

I’ve been fortunate to work alongside some of the smartest people in the marketing efficiency industry. It’s provided me with crucial insights into what various companies value and how adMarketplace adjusts to ensure we deliver that value to our partners.

The company also welcomes learning at and outside of work. With the support of our continuous education program, colleagues are able to improve through various courses outside of work, like, presentation and storytelling from business executive coaches or online-based marketing and data analytics courses.

My team members are very supportive of my journey and ambition to start business school. I joined after graduating from NYU with a degree in liberal arts. Today, with the support of adMarketplace, I have grown into a trusted marketing ROI and customer journey data expert to Fortune 500 clients. I am excited to turn the support into something bigger by potentially going to graduate business school!

What are you looking forward to this year?

My 5-night backpacking trip in Yosemite later this year! We’ll start at Tuolumne Meadows, stay by Merced Lake, climb Half Dome, and hike into the valley.

What is your go-to restaurant when you visit home in the Bay Area?

There’s a small, family-run restaurant in my hometown called “Super Grill.” They serve the best breakfast burritos! My family and I love it so much that we’d grab it every Friday morning.

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