Build a More Seamless Consumer Search Journey

Create long-term value for your users by customizing their in-app and on-site search experience with dynamic search media solutions.

Improve Every Step of the Consumer Search Experience

Prioritize Relevance

Leverage premium media placements that deliver better monetization based on what matters most: relevance.

Deliver Better Offers

Create bespoke integrations to captivate and engage shoppers with customized buying journeys.

Leverage Technology to Drive Greater Yield

Dynamically rotate advertisers in real-time across premium placements on your site.

Tap into historical yield patterns, cohort data, and consumer signals for in-app ad selection powered by intent.

Think beyond just ad revenue. Predictable intent can influence brand perception and bolster customer lifetime value.

Discover Our Search Media Solutions

Increase user base engagement by optimizing your consumer journey.

AMP Find

Shape purchase intent by reaching consumers right before they search.

AMP Suggest

Engage consumers by delivering relevant ads as they express typed intent.

AMP Results

Deliver a superior shopping experience by simplifying the path to purchase.

How We Collaborate

Our Commitment

We innovate and invest in our publisher’s apps and properties with custom-built media products and solutions that engage and retain your audiences.

Ideal UX

We improve the user search experience with intuitive, relevant offers that removes friction from the path to discovery.

Privacy Oriented

We remove layers of data leakage by working directly with advertisers and publishers to keep you in control of your valuable user data.

Measurable Media Value

We partner with publishers to ensure accurate media value measurement with offer insights via PubScore™.

Our Innovative Search Solutions in Action

Expedia logo

Achieves Greater Revenue from High-Intent Consumers

adMarketplace strategically scaled its media solutions on global publishers to capture ready-to-purchase travelers worldwide, driving 80% higher revenue for Expedia YoY.

Etsy logo

Drives Sizeable Lift in New Customer Acquisitions

adMarketplace unlocked additional high-value placements on leading privacy browsers and financing apps for Etsy, resulting in a 3x higher new consumer AOV.

Why adMarketplace Search Media Solutions?

For over two decades, adMarketplace has partnered with the largest brands and agencies to maximize the business results from their media investments. We build forever partnerships with lasting impact and measurable value.

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