Create Ideal Search Experiences Across Diverse Moments of Intent

Our media products deliver relevant messages through our flexible ad formats, after understanding and shaping the consumer’s intent.

AMP Find

Delivers relevant messages before a consumer begins searching.

AMP Suggest

Delivers relevant results in real-time as consumers are typing in search terms.

AMP Results

Delivers relevant results after a consumer searches.

Top Media Partner Types

Search | Privacy

Consumers using a browser or browser extension

Fintech | BNPL

Consumers using a shopping app where financing is available

Editorial | Influencer

Consumers researching their purchase options

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Our Technology Is Powered by Intent

What Is Intent?

Intent is defined as what a consumer is expressing interest in to solve their needs.

Intent is expressed using different consumer actions, defined as intent types.

How Do We Understand a Consumer’s Intent?

Intent signals help us understand a consumer's intent. There are two ways a consumer can signal intent:

by opening an app/site

with a partial or complete search term

What Are the Different Intent Types?

Open Intent

A consumer has opened the app/site to begin searching.

Category Intent

A consumer is browsing for products within a category.

Product Intent

A consumer is searching for a specific product.

Brand Intent

A consumer is looking for a specific brand.

Why adMarketplace Search Media Solutions?

For over two decades, adMarketplace has partnered with the largest brands and agencies to maximize the business results from their media investments. We build forever partnerships with lasting impact and measurable value.

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