Enable High-Intent Consumers to Discover Your Brand

Reach your audience across our exclusive media placements designed to achieve an efficient return on your advertising investment at scale.

Search Advertising Unlike Traditional Search Engines

Diversify Your Media Efficiently

We combine search innovation and performance measurement expertise to bring high-intent consumers directly to your brand at the most opportune conversion moments.

Search as a Service

We provide a dedicated team of experts to support and improve your search performance results. With individualized optimization of your media performance, you’ll have everything you need to succeed.

How We Build Forever Partnerships

Improved Media Portfolio Performance

adMarketplace helps the world’s largest search advertisers bend the curve of diminishing returns from search engine investment by delivering performance at scale from transparent media segments outside the SERP.

Media Value Insights

AMPscore™ (Aggregated Media Performance) aligns our robust ecosystem of advertisers and publishers to share media value data and run open-source Media Mix Models to accurately measure your media's effectiveness.

Consumer Journey Optimization

We track brand asset performance and provide data-driven optimization guidance for improved conversions, included at no extra cost as part of our white-glove managed service offering.

Discover Our Search Media Segments

Add value to every stage of the consumer search journey.

AMP Find

Be the search engine when your audience is ready to discover.

AMP Suggest

Get ahead of the competition on the crowded SERP.

AMP Results

Engage high-intent consumers ready to purchase.

Our Partnership Values


Get segment-level insights integrated into your reporting across all platforms.


Maintain your consumers’ trust. No PII collected or employed.


Create, deliver, and measure the value of your ads at scale.


Align with adMarketplace on accurate measurement with AMPscore™.

Our Innovative Search Solutions in Action

Reduces Their CPA with Incremental Ad Placements

adMarketplace activated full-funnel media solutions for Volvo, allowing them to capture more in-market consumers and drive incremental revenue while lowering their CPA by 25%.

Unlocks Greater ROAS with Accurate Media Measurement

adMarketplace partnered with Ulta’s brand analytics team to conduct a transparent data exchange that resolved conversion tracking issues, enabling the brand to achieve a 7x increase in ROAS.

Why adMarketplace Search Media Solutions?

For over two decades, adMarketplace has partnered with the largest brands and agencies to maximize the business results from their media investments. We build forever partnerships with lasting impact and measurable value.

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