Embracing the Challenge: How Competition Fuels Growth

Mayla Wang
June 29, 2023
“How I define failure is not necessarily losing something. I define it as not learning or growing in some regard. From that lens, if we don't win, at least we are learning and growing and that will, in turn, propel us.”

Introducing Allie Keane, our Director of Advertiser Services, who’s been with us for almost three years. Since then, she has skillfully cultivated her team, captivating us with her unwavering commitment, and continues to show us what it means to win!

First off, why do you think you got this recognition for Competitiveness?

My team, friends, and family would not be shocked to call me competitive! People who know me would definitely identify me as someone that does not like losing.

And I’ve always welcomed competition: I grew up with three brothers and have been an athlete my entire life. I’ve often worked with companies experiencing hyper-growth and when you work in an industry like ours that is constantly changing, you need to adapt to its ever-changing landscape. I have found that the best way to navigate this change successfully has been through goal-setting. Having clarity on my goals, my team’s goals, and how they relate to the rapid growth our industry is experiencing is key.

What tactics do you employ when it comes to goal-setting?

Timelines: setting goals in different time increments. It can get overwhelming when you have a list of big goals. It is important to break them down into smaller, more digestible tasks that ladder into the bigger picture of what I want to create and achieve. I have three different categories for goal-setting that I deem important to me: professional, personal, and health. And within those silos, I break them down into timelines of 10-year, 5-year, and 1-year goals.

A personal goal of mine and my husband’s was to get a dog. Having always been around one growing up, he mentioned golden retrievers in his vows and here we are with Huey, our 10-month old golden!

What has been your favorite ‘win’ during your time here?

Personally, one of my most gratifying achievements lies in the impact I’ve made on the overall growth of our top advertisers. By unlocking potential through building and nurturing those relationships, we’ve achieved some remarkable results together.

And a win that fills me with immense pride extends beyond individual contribution. I am proud of the collective success of my teammates, whose growth and advancement I’ve been able to support. Together, we have created an environment where everyone thrives. I firmly believe that in order to be successful, you need everyone to win!

What makes someone successful on your team and how do you activate that in them?

In order to be successful, someone needs to be open to feedback and coaching, as well as being agile and ready to learn. I admire someone strategic who pushes the boundary of what is possible and enjoys doing it. After all, that’s what being competitive is all about – it’s pushing outside of your comfort zone and unlocking your potential!

Another important aspect of being successful on our team is to be highly collaborative. We want people who care about their impact and role in advocating for our clients! To win, you need to work hard and care about the work you are doing. I think my team’s competitive advantage is the care they have for what they do. As a leader, identifying and fostering care goes hand-in-hand with understanding the risks of not caring, and what it looks and feels like when there is a lack of care for them or their work.

Coming from the brand-side of the industry, I look up to, shop at, and am already an advocate for the brands we work with even before working with them. This extra layer of care makes my work very rewarding.

What is a current podcast or album you are listening to?

I am a ‘swiftie’ through and through! I am always listening to my favorite Taylor Swift albums: ‘1989’, ‘Red’, and ‘Speak Now.’ It was quite the battle getting tickets but I went to the Eras Tour and it was one of the BEST NIGHTS of my life!

I also love a good true crime story – a great true crime podcast: ‘Serial,’ especially season 1. Aside from these, meditation podcasts are always helpful.

What is your favorite sport?

To watch: Baseball (Go White Sox!!). To play: Soccer.