Manager Spotlight: The Power of Elevating Our Leaders

Mayla Wang
June 15, 2023
"Establish mutual respect and transparency from the beginning" Alexa Mach, Senior Enterprise Manager

Alexa joined adMarketplace in 2021 and has swiftly excelled in her role as a team manager. Coming up to a little over a year as a manager, she’s discovered a newfound sense of fulfillment as she continues to witness her team thrive and grow. Compared to her past managerial experiences, she feels she is able to make a more significant impact on her team’s growth here through adMarketplace’s manager training program. Beyond this, Alexa the beach and trying new restaurants with her friends.

What do you find most interesting in your experience as a manager?

Everyone I manage is very different in the way they work and learn. It is interesting for me to explore and absorb the specific areas of interests each of them hold within their roles and for me to discover the most effective learning styles that resonate with each individual.

How has adMarketplace prepared you in your managerial role?

Being here has helped me in more ways than one in my transition to becoming a manager. For one, the culture. My current manager (who’s great!) has a very calm approach so I try to embody that persona. By taking a calmer approach, it allows people to feel better and be more open about their goals and overall work experience.

Secondly, when I’m in our company-wide manager training sessions, it is refreshingly reflective. It makes me think critically about my past experiences with managers. The material really resonates with me, so it encourages me to exhibit the best behaviors in my managerial approach. It’s taught me people development skills: the open-ended questions to ask to gauge different perspectives, how to level people up in areas they are interested in, helping them develop the necessary skills for success, and the importance of documenting the day-to-day so you can have more impactful one-on-one conversations.