Manager Spotlight: The Power of Elevating Our Leaders

Mayla Wang
July 11, 2023
"I believe in the approach of demonstrating how to do something and then challenging individuals by immersing them in the deep end." Billy Taing, Senior Enterprise Manager

Billy has been a noteworthy addition to the team since 2022. He has been operating in a managerial capacity in one way or another since the start of his career. At adMarketplace, he continues to lead and solely believes that trust stands as the biggest catalyst for effectively leading and growing a team. Outside of work, he enjoys watching movies and searching for the best burger in NYC.

What was the biggest challenge you faced when you first became a manager?

It was challenging at first because I was accustomed to the way my previous managers guided me. I felt constrained, but now I’ve discovered that managing is not a cookie-cutter process, so receiving feedback is just as crucial as pushing boundaries. Encouraging my team to express their perspectives rather than just giving them solutions is important. It is crucial to encourage them to provide their perspectives as opposed to just giving them an answer. That in turn, creates and builds trust which makes for a greater partnership!

How do you empower your team?

Managing down is just as important as managing up. In order to do so successfully to gain authentic feedback, there needs to be trust. It’s important to understand that your style of management isn’t for everyone and that you should be receptive and adapt accordingly. I think our company value of ‘Creative Conflict’ is what develops the relationships between managers and reports. When you cultivate a safe space where challenging each other and exchanging ideas is encouraged, it creates better work as a result.

Helping them grow outside of the company is also important for me and letting them know that it is not limited to the confines of where we are.