Manager Spotlight: The Power of Elevating Our Leaders

Mayla Wang
July 18, 2023
“I laugh a lot and I try to laugh with people.” Shelby Bretschger, Senior Campaign Manager

Shelby has officially been a manager at adMarketplace for almost a year! As she approaches the end of her first year as a manager, she says that supporting and guiding full-time employees has been especially rewarding and valuable.

What makes a good manager?

The approach plays a big part in being a good manager. The manner in which we communicate with each other is crucial in fostering a positive environment where team members feel at ease to learn and grow. Presenting something as an opportunity to grow, rather than as a flaw, also goes a long way. In addition, being compassionate and empathetic towards your teammates is key. My team takes accountability as a team and if you want to be a leader, you have to love being accountable for their work.

The open culture we have plays into the management experience as well. We empower each other to be curious and support one another. My previous manager set me up to be a successful manager. She entrusted me with creating team resources, and leading training sessions, aiding the seamless transition into the role I play today.

How do you measure your success as a first-time manager?

I think I can measure that by observing the overall happiness of people. One of the more memorable days I’ve had was when one of my team members shared their relief from work-related stress, despite initially expressing concerns. It’s a great feeling when you can really see the fruits of your labor coming to life as you invest in someone’s growth and development and in turn, positively impact the organization at large.