Earn more from search.
Conducive is our proprietary publisher integration that powers Native Search on top publisher and apps. It’s about finding the shortest distance between a person and the thing they want, while driving more revenue for publishers when that happens.
Conducive Paid Suggest lets users navigate directly to a relevant advertiser... or choose an organic search result.
Dynamic tile icons are generated below the search bar, navigating users to popular advertiser destinations, while earning revenue for you with every click.

Increase Publisher Yield

With adMarketplace, monetize all of the paid search clicks that occur within your own search box. With legacy search partners, monetization only happens when a paid link is clicked on the results page.
Tap into $100 Million+ search budgets from top advertisers who want unique search supply outside legacy engines.

See inside the search box.

Our Publisher 3D dashboard offers insights and data that you can't find with any other search publisher analytics suite. Access revenue, traffic quality, query terms, invalid clicks, geographic data, and more in real time.

Speed, Scalability & Reliability

We operate fully redundant data centers around the world to deliver ads with low latency and near perfect uptime and availability.
If data is the key to gaining insight and making an impact, then you need the assurance that your data will be available no matter what.