Full-Funnel Success with Leading Travel Brands

Two different travel brands, with different goals, saw performance lift.


WHO: Hospitality Metasearch

OBJECTIVE: Generate revenue from new site traffic from the advertiser’s website 

STRATEGY: Drive traffic from full funnel solutions to the advertiser’s homepage, or relevant page based on consumer keyword intent.

OUTCOME: adMarketplace efficiently captured consumers looking to compare prices and deals at 29% lower CPA vs tCPA.


WHO: Online Travel Agency

OBJECTIVE: Maximize gross and net revenue outside of Google & Bing

STRATEGY: Leverage high-intent solutions, such as AMP Suggest, AMP Find, AMP Results and Domain Redirects to drive ready to purchase travelers to the brand’s website.

OUTCOME: adMarketplace drove 80% higher revenue worldwide year-over-year in 2022

Partner A

80% Higher Global Revenue YoY 2022 vs 2021

Partner B

29% Lower CPA in 2022 Actual vs Goal

CHALLENGE: Two Premium Travel Brands partnered separately with adMarketplace in order to capture consumers outside legacy search engines. Both partners had different campaign goals: Partner A wanted to maximize revenue without hitting diminishing returns, while Partner B sought to minimize cost-per-acquisition.   

STRATEGY: Flexible goals and open budgets for each brand allowed adMarketplace to strategically scale across AMP Find and AMP Suggest solutions on global publishers including leading privacy browsers to capture travelers across diverse moments of intent worldwide. 

OUTCOME: Strategic global expansion of campaigns using our exclusive media placements met KPIs throughout the funnel: Partner A saw a lift in revenue while Partner B’s campaign successfully beat the CPA goal.

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