Homebase Outperforms Revenue & ROAS Targets with Diversified Media Placements from adMarketplace


+39% ROAS over Google Non-Brand

+11% higher revenue than target goal

WHO: Homebase

CHALLENGE: The UK and Ireland-based home and garden retailer, Homebase, struggled with many of the same challenges other retailers faced in 2022. Namely, pervasive economic uncertainty diminished consumer confidence, diverting focus away from home improvement efforts and spending.

With conversion rates down and a steadily rising cost per click (CPC) on Google Ads, results were underwhelming and underperforming around target return on ad spend (ROAS). The need for Homebase to diversify its performance media across new channels became increasingly apparent.

The retailer wanted to rebound stronger in H2 of 2022 with a greater ROAS and overall efficiency regarding their ad spend and revenue. Using Google’s non-brand keyword CPC’s as the baseline, Homebase set a goal to achieve a more efficient CPC and true incremental return on advertising spend (iROAS) for its new portfolio of diversified media channels. 

STRATEGY: Homebase entrusted adMarketplace to boost the reach of its performance media and drive iROAS, while also bolstering new customer acquisitions.

To achieve incremental results and meet more consumers at their precise moment of intent, Homebase invested its media into non-Google channels like Bing and adMarketplace.

OUTCOME: adMarketplace’s media placements achieved a 39% higher ROAS for Homebase than Google non-brand campaigns that ran simultaneously. By diversifying some of its media away from Google, Homebase achieved incremental revenue that it would've otherwise missed if it solely invested in Google generic keywords.

adMarketplace was so effective in driving incremental reach and a more efficient ROAS for Homebase that the retailer surpassed its target revenue goal by 11%. Working with adMarketplace enabled Homebase to tap into new opportunities that heralded increased website traffic, new customer acquisitions, and greater online revenue.

MOVING FORWARD: Homebase plans to continue investing their advertising budget with adMarketplace to serve as an always-on channel that drives further iROAS for the retailer.

“We are really impressed with the results that have been achieved through leveraging adMarketplace for Homebase. It has enabled us to expand activity and drive incremental reach and sales at a very efficient ROAS during a time when we were under pressure to maximise efficiencies.” – Katie Millwaters, Performance Business Director at Havas Media Group

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