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The Media Value of Partial Brand Search Query Terms

Dustin McManus

June 20, 2024

We live in a predominately binary world where most things are boiled down into two distinct categories. Hot and cold. Light and dark. Good and bad.

The same is true when it comes to the cornerstone of search advertising: keywords. Most advertisers and marketers separate keywords into two categories: brand and non-brand

Brand keywords indicate specific brand interest and intent. Consumers searching with brand keywords could simply be using a company’s name (ex. Apple, Chewy, Ikea) or be looking for specific products attached to that brand (ex. Apple Airpods, Chewy subscription, Ikea furniture).

Non-brand keywords are more generic searches with less defined consumer intent. They encompass broader terms relevant to a product or service a user is searching for without a predetermined brand or product line in mind (ex. wireless headphones, pet food, bed frames).

But there’s an important middle area in the brand vs. non-brand binary that many advertisers tend to overlook: partial brand keywords. The value of partial brand queries lies in their unique opportunity to capture both brand loyalists as well as convert potential new customers. 

However, most advertisers fail to bid on their own partial brand query terms, causing them to miss out on gaining significant headway in market share and ultimately losing traffic and conversions to direct competitors.

adMarketplace conducted a test to uncover the true media value behind partial brand search query terms, and the results were eye-opening. By mapping a major live entertainment ticketing brand’s partial brand queries to two of its closest direct competitors, we found that the competitors won a significant portion of that brand’s potential search traffic and clicks.

Stemming from this experiment, we came to a rather sound conclusion: by strategically allocating ad spend to partial brand queries and keywords, advertisers can unlock new avenues for growth, expand their customer base, and maximize overall traffic, performance, and revenue. 

Check out the full results below and gain insights into the value your partial brand queries can bring to your search advertising campaigns today.

Uncover the Media Value of Your Partial Brand Search Queries

Insights & Research

How to Ace the 2024 Back to School Shopping Season

Maggie Sullivan

May 24, 2024

Believe it or not, but the 2024 Back to School Shopping season is approaching. While many students are kicking back to enjoy their summer vacations, now’s actually the perfect time for advertisers to start planning their Back to School shopping campaigns. 

Despite economic concerns and costs remaining relatively high, this year’s Back to School shopping season is still expected to be a lucrative one.

That being said, consumers are indicating they’ll be selective of how and where they spend their money. Many will look to prioritize the most important items first. We expect clothing, accessories, and electronic items will take top priority this season.

Consumers will most likely be shopping across numerous channels as well. Over half of Millennial parents report shopping from their mobile device and choose online shopping over in-person. Additionally, BNPL apps continue to become more popular as more budget conscious consumers turn to them to extend their buying power. 

As always, search remains a valuable channel for advertisers to reach high-intent consumers. Search ad spend accounts for over 40% of U.S. digital ad spending, and keyword search volume for Back to School Shopping rose significantly in the past year, indicating the channel’s dominance. 

These are just some of the insights we’ve gathered to help advertisers prepare for success this Back to School shopping season. Equip yourself with all the knowledge you need to outpace your competition and capture high-intent audiences.

Download our full Back to School guide below and explore the latest consumer trends, insights, and recommendations to stay on top of your game this season.

Uncover the Media Value of Your Partial Brand Search Queries